How to brand for your emerging company?

Branding and its Misconception


As per the common consideration and to a layman, Brand would equate to an identifying mark. A mark under which a product is manufactured or a company name under which different ranges of products and livestock are produced. But is this literal to the core?


Well, NO! A brand isn’t just an identifying mark to a product or a company name to different livestock, rather it is much more of this than we all have ever thought. A brand is much bigger than this circle, it might sound a bit easy as to manufacture a product and give it a name or a mark or even logo for that matter and that surrounds the brand. What I just wrote is a paradox to what actually is.

There are different aspects that help build a brand, there are certain features, characteristics and much more that we will be discussing in this blog. But before we start towards the crucks of it, let me just highlight the importance and basic need for a brand.



Rather than considering it just an identification process, Brand portrays the image behind the business or services that the particular company promises. There are certain business goals and set of achievements that a company plans to accomplish. Gradually when all of these tasks turn into ticks, the Brand becomes the face of the product. The audience starts to identify the brand as the product and that is how a brand emerges.

Brand does speak about the product, service, and company, but it would be a mistake to think of it as the same for both. Thus, the main zest of building a brand is to express the emotion of the products or services that match the audiences’ expectations.



Brand = Logo?

When it comes to identification, again, it is not that simple. For the audience to identify the brand it takes trust and reliability of the company that the audience chooses its brand. It is the individual’s efforts that build a company and that further is poured out in the products and services.

Therefore, we state that Brand is not a logo, company or product rather the emotion of the individual. The Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency and an American author, Marty Neumeier phrases it as, “Person’s gut feelings”. It is so because the audience experiences the aura of the product in appearance, while using and when it is out of use.



The audience connects with the products and services as millions of it have their application in our daily lives. Thus, the audience feels the product before purchasing as in through looks, after purchasing as in when they are using; their experience with it, either they are happy with the product or services or, not at all satisfied and lastly when it’s out of use as in, in the absence of the product or services, they miss it or are happy because now it’s finished and they can jump over another reliable brand.

Formulation for Perfect Branding

Branding does require emotion and discourse for the audience as it helps to choose your brand out of the thousands. It is more like, they will choose your brand only if they trust you. Thus, trust and emotions are the support for the brand. As we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise, a brand is a big custodian to build.



Thus, the actual formula that a brand needs to carry out to gain trust from their customers and audience is Honesty plus Content. If a brand completes the bespoke expectations of the audience along with bestowing a bonus with it, they would prefer to choose such a brand over and over again. This will add value to the customer and proves excellent for the brand company.

The big game comes with the responsibility of making this brand big. That factor is led by the audience as they are the sole reason for making a brand big. The company individual efforts are made while framing the services and products, and understanding the emotions and expectations of the audience. If the company has left no stone unturned while fulfilling the audiences’ expectations and demands, the audience would definitely choose to go for it even in their 35th purchase time.



Lastly, what one should consider while shaping up their products and services before the branding chapter happens is very crucial. Creation of something that has absolutely no alternative. If your brand has no alternates, there is no point of thinking a plan B, as the audience will choose you because of the excellence in service and trust in them. While the brand is built, it gets equated with money.

The gap between strategy and creativity should be withdrawn as that would lead to an unsuccessful branding. Branding is necessary for the company, product and services while the audience are amongst the one to choose and benefit from.


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