How to make your emerging brand a Niche!

How to make your brand a standout in the market of pre-existing brand dictators? This might have come to your thought before articulating your brand, product or services. This is a basic forethought that initiates brainstorming before coming on to a final brand name, tag, logo and other aspects.

To defy others and make yourself as an exception out in the market, is a tough job to think of. With very basic aspects of it in the making, you can easily create your niche over time. Inculcating very basic ideas of making lemons turn into melons is required and with patience. None of the marketing strategies take seconds to create a buzz, with time strategies unfold and take things further with positive progression.  



Features of Brand Building

Features of brand building are not that hard to achieve but are necessary to keep in mind. Without these, the cult persona of the brand or company is not inferred. After jotting down the features of it, you will say to yourself that these sound very easy but when these features will be actualized that is where the tough job starts.




Foremost thought and should always be considered in the beginning. Your brand must give a validation to your audience. Brands should give the audience, an idea about its use and application in its appearance. The product should do justice to the brand, along with this it should be self-explanatory so that the audience does not feel manipulated by its appearance.




A brand must have a creative edge in it. It should originate, create or develop purpose to the audience. As the human mind has its right side to creativity and left the side to its strategy if both of these are balanced out, a brand with an uplifting purpose is created. A brand must have its strategies planned out along with the hints of creativity in it.




A brand should give honest specifications of the product and services to its audience. As the brand influences character, thus, the audience will rely on the character prompted by the brand. This will lead to a bond between the brand and its audience. It is important for the audience to know and for the brand to tell its audience the purpose, the creation and the niche of the company as well as the brand.




Well, you might have even experienced what I am about to explain or might have seen others do that. For instance, there are 10 of blue colored t-shirt, but there is one that is of pink color. Excluding the rest 10 blue ones, we primarily notice the pink one. Why? A simple to it, because it’s different than the rest of the t-shirts there. Likewise, if your brand is different it will be easy for your audience to differentiate you from the rest of the brands that are already there in the market.




This feature is a vital part of the brand making process. Each department of the company or each individual should collaborate with the other to produce better products and services. There are different communities in one company and all of their motives is to take the company, brand and its people on the road of progress simultaneously. The harmony of the team and the sync between the individuals cooperating towards the growth of company also counts when it comes to brand building.


As I told you before, after going through these features you might think of it as basics and ‘who even cares’ might come out of your mind, But! It is. People do care and the audience of the brand does care about these fundamentals before trusting a brand or opting for a product that belongs to that brand.

These factors must be focused on before starting or planning your strategy for the brand promotion. The loss of focus on these factors will lead to less of brand extensions which in turn is ill for your brand and company. Hence, for branding and making an identity for your brand in the market you need to pro these features. If not a pro then one should at least consider these factors before jotting down the plan structure for brand positioning.


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