Is Branding the perfect solution for my company?

Role Play! You are at a shopping store looking for a perfect watch for yourself. Would you pick a Tag Heuer watch or some generic watch for which, you have no idea about its quality, features or anything?

The main purpose of a watch is to show the right time, be it a Tag Heuer watch, a Rolex watch, a Fastrack or even a Titan watch, all of them solve the same purpose. But what makes Tag Heuer the most premium out of all?

Well, this is where the branding factor works for the customer and the company as well.

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We already know about the number of aspects that branding holds under it. What comes after branding also holds advantages for the company and the customer. Irrespective of its benefits, people still doubt the concept of branding and why to choose branding!

Branding, for those, who haven’t been in record with our previous blogs, it is just like assigning a character, logo, design, name and credentials to a product or services provided by a company. Branding basically distinguishes your company from the rest of the generic or prominent products and the key line, it helps in becoming a stand out in the pre-dominated marketplace.

Now coming towards the answer to the question, ‘Why an emerging company should choose Branding?’

This question sways a simple explanation but in an exquisite way.

You might have heard people saying Colgate anytime when it’s about dental care essentials. Be it brush, be it toothpaste, people hardly call it toothpaste, they freely say Colgate.


Arey Colgate karliya kya? ( Have you brushed your teeth)”

So the whole verb and action was replaced by this brand Colgate.

Branding, as said before, creates an identity. This identity isn’t created in just minutes.

Over time the products of the brand leave an impact, which leads to the formation of trust. This trust is what captures the customer’s heart and drives them to choose the same over and over again.

With this repetition of choosing the same brand evokes emotions and memories. These customers then bind emotions to the particular products and that is why we say branding is an emotionally-led business.


These are the primal factors as to why a product is considered to be in a premium range.

There is a fine line of difference between Dior perfumes and Adidas perfumes. Do you have your answer for, which one is the premium between the two? You do right! The premium tag is bound to a product when it is exclusively in demand and that is because of the connection that the customer has with the particular product. For some, Dior can be the premium one but for some others Adidas is their premium product, considering the rest, they’ll add some other brand of their choice in the premium idea.

Another factor is, Branding helps the customers to have a thorough search for the apt product they are looking for. To cut short, it clears the clutter.

For instance, you are searching for headphones, you get around ten thousand search results. Now when you mention, JBL headphones, the count decreases to a mere two thousand figure. Through this, it makes clear that branding provides specifications to customer’s product range.


Branding helps customer come closer to the premium quality block and get addressed with the best range of products they can trust on.

With no doubt, it creates a difference between the premium products and the generic products. In the marketplace of today, more generic or copied version of products are dispatched that may seem as the exact of premium products but aren’t the same.

By branding, your audience is assured about the exact ‘YOU’ of the company.

This means an honest branding campaign tells the true face of the product and services which is later absorbed by the audience.


For instance, you are out with your family and there are a number of food outlets in front of you. Ranging from a local restaurant, cafes, food stalls to Starbucks. Who would you choose? This interrogation part comes strong when the decision is to be taken. A great percent of people would prefer heading towards Starbucks as to they are aware of the service and security presence there. Since, they aren’t aware of the food quality, safety, service advocacy at the local restaurant and others but they are in affirmation with these when it comes to Starbucks. It is because Starbucks has done its branding the right way and is all the way beneficial to its customers, so there comes absolutely no reason to not choose this premium branded coffeehouse.


Giving an expression of you as a person, Branding does tell a lot about the person you are. Now you might think what branding has to do with the expression of you as a person.

Well, no that deep, but the basic is to be addressed here. There will always be a difference in seeing a person with an Android smartphone and another with an iPhone.

Having an apple product, nowadays, itself is a status symbol. Even though there are smartphones having features higher than the latest iPhone, still people prey on the iPhone.

“Are you a Taco bell person? No! I am a Rico’s person!” All of this is driven by the brands that you hover and choose to keep at your handles.


Talking about a simple brand, Maggi. This brand has evolved as such that if there are noodles, people will call it Maggi. Maggi has emerged as such a strong brand and one of the brands that absolutely unbeatable. Many of its opponents have stalled the same marketplace but none could match the quality Maggi exhibits.

This also becomes the reason why some of the customers share or recommend the products to their near and dear ones.

“ Have you tried that Lakme fruit facewash? That is so good to my skin you know, you should try that too, it comes for different skin types.”

When a brand adds value or rewards their customers, it becomes a whole lot of joy for them. They will talk about the pros of buying the particular product, they’ll share, they’ll recommend and that is how an honest branding is benefited. You provide goodwill to your customer, they reciprocate it back.


Thus, giving a conclusion to this ordeal, branding is every brand’s need. Branding is no way harmful to any brand or opponent rather it advocates about the company and its products. Builds a trust between the company-consumer relationship. Branding shows a number of benefits for both the customer and company. So, an honest branding will only lead to an honest progression to success.

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