Don’t just make your brand visible, make it shine with Us!

A brand in its making”

The project was initiated to introduce the traditional, authentic indigenous and a special range of dry fruits in the Indian market. A local mustard oil manufacturer in Rajasthan came up with an idea to introduce a healthy range of snacks to beat those odd hour cravings so that people pick up a good habit for life rather than munching oily and junk food.  The brand “Naturigo” introduced 4 different types of dry fruits such as Almonds, Cashew, Raisins, and Pistachio.



This traditional brand which has earlier only worked in the retail market in the state of Rajasthan wanted to cater a broader clientele. Entering into the realm of the premium three-tier cities in India, they wanted to expand their business by acquiring new potential customers.Poster_1


The idea behind the name of the product “Naturigo” proposed by the company was because it is the healthy choice of snacks, which are handpicked from the places known to grow them the best. You can happily binge on these nutritious snacks which are delicious too.Cover-Pic

Journey with Creson

Creson came into the picture when “Naturigo” decided to position itself in the major cities of India to drive in the best results by experimenting with different formats and styles. So the major challenge we had was to create a new space from scratch to build brand love and to maneuver through the sea of ideas for giving the brand a premium appeal and also to promote it PAN India. To build brand equity and perception, we decided to build creatives by choosing the key brand ingredients from logo designing to website building and packaging to final printing, all adhering to the objective of the brand’s thought of “nutritious and delicious snacking”.Did-you-know

To market these newly launched products Almonds, Cashew, Raisins, and Pistachio to make them stand out from the rest in the market, we provided complete consultation which was much more involved session than just to help their brand drive more sales. The brand wanted to communicate the idea of a delightfully rich, crunchy and creamy range of dry fruits and nuts, so the packaging was one of the best ways to convey this as its buyers these newly launched products get the actual feel of it just looking at it from outside. All 4 different dry-fruits’ packaging has been designed by identifying the product attributes in harmony with the brand’s color equation.

In terms of other marketing strategies, we created innovative retail posters, hoardings, and many creative displays, keeping in the consistency of the design and communication of the brand. This helped in building trust amongst customers whilst positioning the brand as an authority. It is owing to the strong and innovative marketing and communication strategies; today “Naturigo” has a portfolio of four premium range of dry-fruits in the market currently, getting some incredibly good response.

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