All about Branding & Advertising that you need to know

When a range of products is manufactured, its casting company then strives for its sale. Now comes different scenarios under this which it changes with respect to the authority. Didn’t hit the head? Wait! Let us do the honors.

If the casting company is already a settled, well-known brand then the sale is not a big deal. For instance, if Puma launches a new range, they won’t be worried about making the credibility of the new range. In contrast, if the casting company is a newbie in the offshore, it will worry about its recognition and work towards making its notability.


Cutting down the scenario to the latter, promoting your brand is a must when it comes to accomplishing great targets of sale. Now, this promotion of brand requires techniques and steps. These budding steps are none other than the most conflicted Marketing, Advertising and Branding! (drum rolls)

Yes! You read it right, the most conflicted. These concepts are as pivotal as the face of an emerging icon. Without these, constructing a powerful brand would not seem possible.

Marketing, advertising and Branding would be stated as the features of the Brand building. All three of them hold their importance in different whereabouts and similarly, they have different functions and requirements too.


Opening the thread for all three, let’s see how are these different from one another when all of them work on the same notion.


To the layman, in its language, to promote or sell a product or services, marketing is required. There are basic modes of it, offline-online, paper-off paper and more. It is the promotion of certain products or services to increase its demand for sale. This includes market research and advertising.


Again, to the layman, it is a form of communication that helps promote or sell certain products or services. This communication is as such that, it conveys the message or description of a particular product or service, enhancing its pros in a way to allure consumers. This way promotions are set abode and sale is increased.


This concept confers both of the above-stated concepts. This aspect works on the overall building of a company, it may talk about a product but the discussion conveys all the metas of the brand. It includes design, naming and many other creative features which differentiates it from a particular product and emphasizes the wholesome growth of the company.


These terms should be clear to the casting company as they have to decide which fits best for their goals and ideals. These three have different notions as Marketing and Advertising focuses on just one aspect of the product and services rather Branding emphasizes on the whole company.

Branding sternly believes in working on the needs of the customer as they absorb emotions and feelings. If you’re not our thread reader, not a problem! In our previous blogs, we have discussed how branding can be emotionally led behavior. That is because branding allures the consumer through the emotional thread. It states what the company believes in, through brand name, tagline, logo and design. Even font and color help in capturing the needed attention from the audience.

For instance, if Adidas was in a cursive font, it might not project the brand as a sporty, on the go type.

Thus, branding is definitely an emotionally led business that captures an impactful position in terms of audience attention and company contribution.


Marketing and Advertisements, in contrast, focuses on how to increase the sale, lead or business through promotions, social media, public relations, prints media and what not. The basic notion is to promote the service or product. Have you ever seen a promotion in favor of the whole brand? Naah! Through market research, it is extracted out as what is in trend and what the customers are in need of. Now be it manipulation or exaggeration, promotion of the goods is done.

Ever felt that real softness in a bathing soap? And that too, with the one which is extensively produced with the help of chemicals? Yet the advertisements show ‘Feather touch’, ‘Pure and Soft’ for its promotions.

Advertising in this sense becomes a section or part of Marketing. Yet, we repeat, these two, focus only on a particular product or services.

No one has ever witnessed an Apple promotion event, instead launch of promotion of iPhone 6s or 7 as the series continues. Not even a Renault promotion event, but definitely a Duster SUV event. These events and promotions are in theme with Advertising and Marketing. As soon as we add Apple iPhone 6s or Renault Duster SUV, therein activates the Branding part. I hope you all are through with this example.


For an overall brand building, Branding is the right option Until and unless the casting company wants to emphasize majorly on a particular product or services. A brand may have its branches extended to different genres and range of products but, a product can not incorporate different genres and ranges into itself.

Continuing the latter, the newbie in the offshore must go with Branding without giving it a second thought. Thus, the wise the miser, the path gets brighter. Reflects onto, if the casting company is all the way through with its goals, it would know which one would be best suited for its company.


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