Dispelled Myths of Branding that you need to know

Branding, as already known, is one of the best ways to market a company or a product. With the concept of branding, comes the part where it is entirely understood and another is when it is assumed to hold misconceptions. Branding helps in positioning the company and its products in the market. There are a... Continue Reading →

All about Branding & Advertising that you need to know

When a range of products is manufactured, its casting company then strives for its sale. Now comes different scenarios under this which it changes with respect to the authority. Didn’t hit the head? Wait! Let us do the honors. If the casting company is already a settled, well-known brand then the sale is not a... Continue Reading →

Why do you need an Online Presence

Back in the 1990’s or even 2000 maybe, if you have your business or a company, expanding it to the digital space was not necessary. The answer to this why is very simple, because the internet and digital devices were not easily available. Only the chieftains had the allowance toward such devices and facilities. But... Continue Reading →

How to make your emerging brand a Niche!

How to make your brand a standout in the market of pre-existing brand dictators? This might have come to your thought before articulating your brand, product or services. This is a basic forethought that initiates brainstorming before coming on to a final brand name, tag, logo and other aspects. To defy others and make yourself... Continue Reading →

How to brand for your emerging company?

Branding and its Misconception   As per the common consideration and to a layman, Brand would equate to an identifying mark. A mark under which a product is manufactured or a company name under which different ranges of products and livestock are produced. But is this literal to the core? Well, NO! A brand isn’t... Continue Reading →

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